Ecological swimming pool

Keeping cool on a warm day
Situated in the middle of the property is a 60m2 ecological swimming pool with a depth of 1.4m. The pool is filled with pure water from our own well, a great place for young and old to either swim, wallow or play.

Pool cleaned naturally
Next to the ecological swimming pool is a filter bed, filled with stones and pebbles, in which a selection of plants clean the water by day and by night in the most natural way possible and providing crystal clear water that is safe for you to swim in. We do not use chlorine, salts or any other irritating chemicals. Once again we stress that it is nature that does all the work. Because the stones in the filter bed are warmed by the sun during the day, they then release the heat stored into the water during the night. Even in early spring the pool will always maintain a comfortable temperature. Also there are a few small fish swimming in the pool to keep away small insects.

Relaxing in the sun
Around the pool area, there is a lovely sun terrace so that you can sunbathe and relax in comfort beside the pool.

Small children
The pool area is completely fenced so small children can not enter the swimming pool unseen. Small or large, all children will safely enjoy the beautiful natural and ecological swimming pool without chlorine and annoying red eyes.

A ecological swimming pool is completely chemical free and takes inspiration from nature to help filter any harmful bacteria and dirt. The filtered water is 100% chemical free and mineral, which creates an eco-friendly pool for everyone to enjoy safely. In this article you can find more detailed information how it works.